Canvas by - Jane Harlington - artist - Blue Pig Studio - Carloway - Isle of Lewis


It has taken many, many years to get into my stride as an artist and to literally “find my voice.” In the early days, when asked “what is it you do?” I would shuffle my feet, avert my eyes and mumble “I’m an artist” and promptly go bright red at my presumption! I have meandered along many a path since then but today I say with confidence “I AM an artist.”

Creativity fuels my life, it is my raison d’etre along with my love of birds. I am without doubt a mixed media artist with an absolute passion for scissors, paper and glue! The studio is in a constant state of disarray with interesting “that might come in useful” odds and ends on every available surface. I am not tidy.

My subject matter remains pretty consistent but I like to explore different styles. Over the years I have been influenced by many people; Archie Dunbar McIntosh remains a firm favourite. I love the work of Victoria Crowe and the en plein air work of Kurt Jackson. Further afield the bold semi-abstract pieces of Ton Schulten remains in my top ten. I’m always looking, gathering ideas like a magpie or a squirrel. All art, at the end of the day, has a derivative aspect to it.

My own style is quite graphic. I love line, black line especially. I can also be quite obsessive about detail, the endless pattern-making potential of a shoreline filled with waders is my joy. Oystercatchers feature prominently in much that I do. Having lived in the Western Isles for over twenty years now the osmotic infusion of the light and landscape into my work is inevitable. Croft houses, rusty roofs, moorland and seashore will always inspire my hand and eye. The process of “becoming” continues and I anticipate with excitement the emergence and development of new ideas and improved skills.

I think all artists would agree, we are always looking to the next fresh expression that encapsulates our way of seeing things and the urge to communicate that narrative is irresistible.

Busy in the studio

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