Why the Blue Pig?

This must be one of the most frequently asked questions; and the answer depends on how expansive my mood is. The honest response would be to admit, I’m not actually sure what the sequence of events would be, other than of kicking ideas around with our neighbours one evening and this suggestion was thrown into the ring.

It is not entirely spurious. We were breeding Gloucester Old Spot pigs at the time, and I had in my possession a large blue china pig. We liked the name’s ambiguity, it didn’t tie us to anything too specific, allowing room to manoeuvre as our identity developed. And now, fifteen years later The Blue Pig couldn’t be anything else.

The Blue Pig Collection

Over the years I have accumulated a rather wonderful array of blue pigs; each comes with a story of either having been made, given, found or purchased. Much to my delight I have realised there are “pig people” out in the wider world, many of whom have passed through my door in search of porcine conversation. Others appear in the hope that we might be a butchers! Here are some of the stories…

The Original Pig

Given to me by my brother William, long before we built the studio but at the time we bred Gloucester Old Spot pigs. We had an especially fine boar Foston Patrick Blackberry who would push his snout through the cat flap in exchange for a Dolly Mixture and only then would he remove his considerable bulk away from the back door.

The St. Petersburg pig

This pig came all the way from Russia, sourced in the early days by my son Jacob. A wonderful and exciting parcel.

The smallest pig

A tiny wee chap, seen here sitting on a 5p piece.

Knitted pig no. 1

Handmade by Margie from Totarol Knitting based in Bernera here in the Western Isles. Margie has since moved back to the mainland.

“Have pig will travel…”

Not a fully blue pig but a much loved fellow traveller on the journey; given to me by my friend Sharon.

A Pot pig

Who had his face washed especially for his photo shoot. This was sent to me from Europe so he has travelled a long way.

The Kissing Pigs

<video arriving soon!>

Me and Peter apparently!

Pot Pigs – family of four

Two of them were made at Borgh Pottery here in Lewis. The two small ones given to me by Richard from L’Arche community in Inverness.

Felt Pig

With a beaded smile and a tinkling bell, made by a kind visitor to my studio a few years ago.

Glass Pigs

Knitted Pig no. 2

A wonderful stripey pig, who sometimes looks like an Aardvark. He lives with his mate on a top shelf very happily. Made in the village by Debbie.

Little Brooches

These again arrived as gifts. There is no end to people’s imagination. Thank you.

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