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Sunday reflections

Connecting faith and daily life

Last weekend I returned home from church having said farewell to our minister of four years. It was a weekend of strong and mixed emotions and I realised how sad I was that people who had become my friends were leaving for the mainland and pastures new. Somewhat in jest we had, as a congregation, dubbed our last meal together the Last Supper, which set me thinking about the disciples.

When the disciples were met with the reality of the impending departure of Jesus from their lives, they became increasingly anxious and confused. Incomprehension flooded their hearts and minds. As was his style Jesus had for some time been trying to prepare them ,using stories and tales which alluded to events and the future.

After the crucifixion we read in John 20 that the disciples are to be found, hidden away in a locked room and in some ways this is understandable…..and it states, they were afraid . In this moment their collective fear and confusion as to what has happened and the realities of events , robs them of their ability to understand the implications of an empty tomb and the reality of a risen Lord.

FEAR…..has led to spiritual blindness that in turn has an erosive effect , leading to doubt and potential disbelief. Fear in this instance is a damaging emotion causing a contraction of possibilities and complete immobility.

We of course, in the context of St. Peter’s episcopal church, are not the disciples, but we too have rather abruptly lost our shepherd.

So what will our response be?

Yes, we must acknowledge feelings of disorientation and bewilderment, perhaps even a sense of grief. We have suffered the loss of our priest-in- charge, a man we trusted, admired and respected, however let’s not lose sight of our true Shepherd who is always with us.

Jesus appeared to the disciple as they huddled together behind locked doors….and in doing so scared the life OUT of them, in order to scare the life INTO them! Their commission remained the same…. To go out into the world and share the good news of love and peace that can be found in a relationship with Jesus.

Jesus himself says, “Do not let your hearts be troubled and DO NOT BE AFRAID”

He goes on to leave the disciples with his blessing and Peace.

The Peace of Christ is something alive , dynamic and active in our world. Paradoxically it both calms and challenged. It does not grant us immunity to difficulty, pain or indeed change, however it does enable us to face all the realities of our lives with dignity, assurance and confidence, knowing that whatever it is that lies ahead we need never face it alone.

Hebridean Shoreline Collection

Creativity fuels my life, it is my raison d’etre along with my love of birds. I am without doubt a mixed media artist with an absolute passion for scissors, paper and glue!

The studio is in a constant state of disarray with interesting “that might come in useful” odds and ends on every available surface. I am not tidy.

Here is my new Hebridean Shoreline Collection, two each of four different designs making a total of eight cards. DL size cards complete with envelopes, neatly packaged in their own cardboard folder. £15 and available in my online shop 🙂

Jane x

February 2023 update

It has been a while since I last wrote a blog – it has taken a wild, wet, windy return to Uist for me to put pen to paper. Life for everyone has changed, I realise that, we don’t just return to how things were. The jigsaw remains, the pieces are altered.

I am now a granny, and much of my time is spent viewing life through the eyes of a small, energetic child, who has an insatiable and joy-filled enthusiasm.

My parameters have changed in other ways. Increasingly I find the garden to be a place of solace. Much time and energy has been spent planting trees and ever more bulbs. Bulbs for me are one of life’s miracles, they look so unpromising and yet brave new shoots are piercing through the frost-hardened ground. I eagerly anticipate the results and will then plan again for autumn.

The studio continues to be a place of welcome and creativity but is no longer open every day; so if you are planning a visit please check before travelling too far.

I look forward this year to reconnecting with old friends and to making new ones.

Planting trees, January 2023, photo © Lucy Harlington


They say pride comes before a fall and way back in January I was going places. Out and about with my friend,Sharon…. that is until I fell on black ice and basically mashed up my shoulder.!

However 9 months on and 2 weeks post surgery I am looking
to resurrect myself in the manner of a phoenix. This is a bit of a pipe dream as recovery promises to be a slow plod requiring oodles of patience.

It is a very strange and challenging thing to lose the use of my right arm in such a fashion and I still struggle to get my head round it. Basically I process all my “stuff” by journalling which I do copiously. I have journals about everything….art, the garden, family, ….life. I fiddle with words and images. Scissors, paper and glue are certainly one of my foundation stones. Creativity is the driving force of my wellbeing but for the next few months I am having to take a different tack,a brave new world awaits… I just have to find it.    To be continued…..

Back in January, just about to set out on the walk that would change my whole year…
In recovery mode

Nature Notes January

10.30a.m. Callanish

The male Red breasted Mergansers were certainly “in the mood ” and began posturing and calling. Taking runs across the surface of the loch in the manner of Divers. It was so still and quiet that every little flap and nuance could be clearly heard. At one point two of the males broke into a fight and attempted to drown each other amidst much flapping of wings. Meanwhile the contested female continued to fish.

Another pair appeared to mirror each other’s actions diving simultaneously and reappearing in a carefully orchestrated sequence of movements. I wondered if they mated underwater….

A Curlew bubbled and flew in to alight on the seaweed covered rocks into which it seemed to melt. The Mergansers , now 6 in number , 4 males and 2 females resumed their head bobbing. The males would intermittently throw back their heads and omit a single squeaking call. They really were splendid. Their punk style crests clearly silhouetted against low back light. At that moment a female surfaced with a fair sized fish and all male chivalry was abandoned in the face of greed.

In The distance a dog barked.

It began to rain and the fishing success of the 2 females caught the attention of the gulls.

The birds drew closer and began fishing in the shallower water of the loch edge. 3 splendid males and a lone female. It was easy to hear them as they dived, upending  and flicking their feet,leaving tell tale rings ,bobbing up soundlessly like corks moments later,water droplets running off their backs. It is beautifully quiet and very still,despite the ebbing tide. The loch mirrors the silver grey of the sky and is flat calm,The far shore reflecting in bands of umber and moss green,rain speckled. It is silent. I know in my heart it is the wrong tide for the Otter,but I remain reluctant to move on and pick up the tasks of the day.