February 2023 update

It has been a while since I last wrote a blog – it has taken a wild, wet, windy return to Uist for me to put pen to paper. Life for everyone has changed, I realise that, we don’t just return to how things were. The jigsaw remains, the pieces are altered.

I am now a granny, and much of my time is spent viewing life through the eyes of a small, energetic child, who has an insatiable and joy-filled enthusiasm.

My parameters have changed in other ways. Increasingly I find the garden to be a place of solace. Much time and energy has been spent planting trees and ever more bulbs. Bulbs for me are one of life’s miracles, they look so unpromising and yet brave new shoots are piercing through the frost-hardened ground. I eagerly anticipate the results and will then plan again for autumn.

The studio continues to be a place of welcome and creativity but is no longer open every day; so if you are planning a visit please check before travelling too far.

I look forward this year to reconnecting with old friends and to making new ones.

Planting trees, January 2023, photo © Lucy Harlington