They say pride comes before a fall and way back in January I was going places. Out and about with my friend,Sharon…. that is until I fell on black ice and basically mashed up my shoulder.!

However 9 months on and 2 weeks post surgery I am looking
to resurrect myself in the manner of a phoenix. This is a bit of a pipe dream as recovery promises to be a slow plod requiring oodles of patience.

It is a very strange and challenging thing to lose the use of my right arm in such a fashion and I still struggle to get my head round it. Basically I process all my “stuff” by journalling which I do copiously. I have journals about everything….art, the garden, family, ….life. I fiddle with words and images. Scissors, paper and glue are certainly one of my foundation stones. Creativity is the driving force of my wellbeing but for the next few months I am having to take a different tack,a brave new world awaits… I just have to find it.    To be continued…..

Back in January, just about to set out on the walk that would change my whole year…
In recovery mode