The Studio

Establishing a small business on an island in an isolated community is an everchanging challenge requiring, in some senses, the skills of a chameleon. Embryonic beginnings 15 years ago were shaped by limited resources and lack of experience and confidence. I experimented with a range of differing products and approaches but have settled down now to showcasing my own work and range of cards, along with a few carefully chosen products.

The studio was built in 2005 by Norrie ‘Tago’ MacIver and Calum ‘Tiger’ MacArthur with the help of an agricultural diversification grant. It is primarily a working studio with a small gallery. We no longer try and run a tearoom as well, learning from experience that it is only possible to juggle so many balls at one time, but I would like to think it is still a place of welcome and at times a refuge from the Hebridean weather.

It is an important part of my life, my happy place in the scheme of things. My opening times, I confess can be a bit sporadic but I am usually not far away. I like, these days, to divide my time between my creativity, the garden and my love of birds. Please don’t hesitate to call or message me if you have any queries or wish to visit specifically.

The new Blue Pig sign made by Dave Eastwood, photo from 2005

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