“We forget that imagination at play is at the heart of all good work” Julia Cameron

Sketchbooks are a fundamental part of my working practice and these have evolved over time into quite highly developed journals that document and record ideas and processes. I like to work in themes, and continue to explore the old and derelict crofts and ruins, along with the constant inspirational source of my own garden.

The Uist Sketchbooks: South Uist is a place I return to often. I worked here in the winter months several years running and spent much time birdwatching and drawing. These journals are amongst my prized possessions.

St. Kilda Notebook: This is a more finished work and includes more photography than I would normally use. It documents an extended stay in the early 1980s with my father before day trips became possible.

This print is taken from an enormous painting and documents the maelstrom of birds, noise, sea spray that accompanies a visit to the stacs. A guano-infused cacophony that assaults the senses. (Available as a print)

A Port of Call: I have an ongoing fascination with the boats and harbour. These pictures show my tendency to make bold linear drawings in black felt pen, aiming to simplify and semi-abstract the image in the process