The Beginnings

“To the world this may be just another small studio but this small studio is my world”

We moved to the Western Isles at the dawn of a new millennia, leaving behind a happy life in Sutherland to embark on what in hindsight could be viewed as a reckless adventure. Peter had been headhunted for the job of Head Gardener on a remote private estate on Lewis, so we took a leap of faith; I thought we had landed on the moon.

Within two years Peter had lost his job as a result of an injury and we were faced with the challenge of finding a new home. It is that sequence of events that brought us, our two young sons and a deaf cat here, to an empty croft house in Carloway.

The rest, they say, is history and now we find ourselves, twenty years later, with a crumbling but cosy home. A past crofting life replaced now by an ever-expanding garden, my studio, our own Shangri-la, built with hard work, the love and care of friends and many serendipitous moments of encouragement and help.

The next chapter is emerging and new pages of experience wait to be painted and scripted. Ultreia!

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