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December: I walked down the snow covered lane to find the rose bush. It was sharply cold and slippery underfoot and I felt the ice crunch and crack, but the tarmac was reassuring rough nevertheless.

The House Sparrows are fat and fluffed up in the hedge, chirping noisily, and overhead a single silhouetted Starling fluttered it’s wings and sang to itself.

The sky, for this moment was blue. The rose hedge stood stark and brown and my eyes searched for the remembered red of the hips. They are much reduced and shrivelled but still add welcome punches of colour into the bleached ochre and pale straw of winter.

A skein of geese pass over, low enough that the dry rustle of wings is audible. Water drips into a hidden ditch and a passing car disturbs the slush.

The Starling’s song fills my mind as I turn towards home. The sky darkens to pewter as the next hail shower sweeps in from the Atlantic.

 In search of roses
 Shrivelled red hips punctuate
 A darkening sky 

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A New beginning……

My special friend Yvonne is once again getting me sorted! It is time to have another go at a website. So this is the new deal. I hope to be a phoenix…..Fingers crossed it will be as straightforward as she says. This is apparently my blog space…. I know, I know, the world is full of words and we don’t have enough hours in the day as it is… but I will stick mainly to showcasing my new work as it becomes available. So thank you for reading and i look forward to a new relationship with this technology. Speak again soon!

Jane Harlington Art Blue Pig Studio
A Brave New Dawn.

Creative Advent Workshop – November 2018

Saturday. NOVEMBER 24TH. 10.30.-4.00
At: The Blue Pig Studio, Carloway

Inspired by my recent visit to Cumbrae and Biblical Journalling with Rev. Jane Maclaren I have put together a workshop for Advent.

Advent is traditionally a time of preparation, a time of waiting and anticipation. Christmas is Coming!
It is all too easy to be swept along in glitzy, over-commercial, materialistic expectation and become disenchanted and burnt out.

This workshop aims to provide a moment of focus and space for reflection. using both words and images you will be encouraged to begin a journal that will explore the eternal themes of HOPE, JOY, LOVE and PEACE.

All materials will be provided.
No experience necessary.(nor do you need to be artistic or religious!) ALL WELCOME.

Due to limitations of space there will be 8 PLACES available. Cost £20.

Please bring something to share for lunch.
Rockbuns, coffee and tea as usual.

I look forward to sharing space and time with you surrounded by scissors, paint, glue and all things creative.